The languages of Jan Ahava were originally several in number, with Burdosi, T’Vahn, and Ji being the primary three. Over time, as civilizations fell, and as new ones rose, the Ahavan people were formed from the remnants of the T’Vahn. They synthesized the T’Vahn language into the Ahavan dialect, which would come to be the standard for all the peoples of Jan Ahava, both in its written alphabet, and as the primary spoken language of the planet. Below is a pronunciation guide for the Ahavan language in its standard form. Note that names for non-Ahavan people are still generally pronounced the same due to the transposition of Ahavan characters onto the other languages of the world.

Pronunciation Guide for the Ahavan Alphabet

In addition, it is important to note a singular word in the Ahavan language which violates the standard pronunciation guide. The word is “Skakk”, a poisonous substance that will appear in several of the stories set on Jan Ahava. The word “Skakk” is not pronounced SKAHK as one would assume but, rather, rhymes with English “back”. It is enunciated this way due to the fact that individuals who have been Skakk-poisoned will have a rasping cough, and the word was created to mimic the sound of the coughing (i.e. “akk, akk”).