Splitting Apart

* There is nothing left for me but death. Naught else could bring me solace in this broken soul. * L’keth Menekk watched the skin on his inner forearm split, a new gash forming in his right arm, another tattoo in his patchwork of a body. The unending sensation of being thirsty was momentarily sated, […]


The third of Avûorr, the year 1786 of the Second Epoch I write from the depths of a broken heart. Today, I lost a friend. Her name was Delaní. She was cut down in an attempt to retrieve an item of extreme importance for the Wayfarer cause on Valnara. Alas, her sacrifice has been in […]

Unsettled Soul

* It was the magistrate’s fondest desire to possess the lands of one farmer, for they were indeed rich and fertile, but, try as he might, whether by offer of money or titles, he could not get the old man to part with his farm. For it was his family heirloom, the prize of his […]