A Cage to Hold God

* I had investigated the existence of Dark Shards first on Pieldar. It seems as though I, in some ways, became one. – Notes of Velestra, during her travels on Jan Ahava * The idea, when first contrived, seemed to us outrageous as the man who proposed it. He had long since been given over to […]

When Soul and Fate Align

* When the Enemy and the Beloved clashed, leaving the essence of their power behind, it seemed only a matter of time before those powers would be taken up again. – Ahavan researcher * Lani collapsed, shaking, onto the silent sands of the desert night. Around her, in the light of the stars, fallen Splinters—Splinters […]

The Boy Who Became a Song

* Seventeen pieces of a star, Seventeen pieces of a hope Seventeen pieces of a world. – Author unknown * The dark came wriggling, squirming, clicking, and hissing toward Ben’ha. He tried to move, but he didn’t know where to go. His broken leg dragged painfully on the ground, and he tried to stifle his […]

A World to Burn

* Those who do not embrace death . . . She shall embrace them. * The market square was bustling with people, so many people. Tazi had never seen so many fragile souls in all her life. The hot, humid air lay heavy about her, weighing down on her. The lack of a breeze made […]

A Prize Not Easily Abandoned

* I go to join the stars, a piece of which I leave. The flame that was mine, now yours to hold. –  Last recorded words of a Bhakari (date unknown) * Tehatim had never intended to be the captain of a raiding crew. Not by inadvertently running her own captain over and taking his ship, […]

When Star and Ash Collide

* I have heard rumors of strange anomalies in the desert. I cannot but explore them. – From Jahlu’s journal *  Before she left the Misty City, Lani had taken access to water entirely for granted. Clean, warm baths seemed a thing of another age as she sat naked in the sand, rubbing the grit […]

Desert Mother

*  There are other worlds, across crystal seas, And in them, we find life. * The desert has not been kind to us,” Qalir said, finishing the tale of his people, his decision to go adventuring in the desert, and his desire to save them from their disease. “No magic or medicine seems to hold […]

2022 Newsletter

Hello everyone! Welcome to my 2022 wrap up. This has been an incredibly fun writing year for me, but it has also come with some major life changes and transitions that, while awesome for me and my family, have also led to less productivity toward the latter third of the year than I hoped. That […]

The Boy Who Touched Fire

* Seventeen pieces of a star, Seventeen pieces of a hope Seventeen pieces of a world. – Author unknown * The boy had no name, nor was he truly a boy—young man would have been more fitting, for at seventeen, he hardly could be called a child anymore. He could not think of himself as […]