My name is Zachary Beelendorf. I am a writer of predominantly speculative fiction, with my main interest and skill lying in the realm of epic fantasy.

I am a native of Iowa, growing up in a family of four humans and many four-legged (and sometimes more or less-legged) friends. As a child, I always had a thing for maps, reading, and make believe. I was designing worlds and living them out in my backyard by the time I was five, and I never really stopped (though eventually my adventures shifted from waving sticks to scratching pens).

Graduating from university in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies Education, I found myself newly married, jobless, and not really sure I wanted a job if it meant being a teacher. I had learned somewhere along the way in my college journey two important things: 1) college was not for me, and 2) I would never be happy unless I was writing.

Over the course of those torturous college years, I had been building Alemitai, and the idea for this website had been living alongside the fantasy worlds I dreamed up. After a year of working full time (though the teaching thing never did happen) and planning, Worlds of Alemitai became a dream turned reality.

I still work full time, and spend most of the rest of my free time cycling between hanging out with my wife and cat, writing, reading as many books as I can (and trying not to drown in my own book-buying habit), disc golf, and gaming.

The hope and dream is that the Tales of Alemitai blog will be just the beginning, but who knows? Regardless, I look forward to sharing my works with all of you, whoever you may be, and I hope you will join me on this journey into the Worlds of Alemitai.