What Is Alemitai?

Alemitai, “The Was” or “The Sum of All Existence”, is my fantasy universe, my brainchild. An interdimensional star-scape of fifteen worlds, each with their own magic systems, histories, people groups and cultures, climates, flora and fauna, etc. Though every world holds its own unique story, all fifteen contain the fabric of one story interwoven through them.

Linking these worlds are two key elements: the first is Starshard magic. In the beginning of all things, a cataclysmic war tore one original, super-planet into fragments, ripping its ecosystem to pieces and fracturing its primary star. This planet, referred to as “The Shattered World”, remained in darkness, largely uninhabited, as its people groups fled to different worlds, becoming the Fourteen Families which colonized the known universe. What followed them to their new homes were Starshards, remnants of The Shattered World’s primary star, which were reborn into new stars. Starshards would mutate forms and fuel the various forms of Star-based magic on the new colonized worlds, creating an overall magic system which would come to be known as Elithima.

The second key element to the inter-connectedness of the Alemitai universe is the Eternal Ocean, a vast, interdimensional sea, that links all the planets within Alemitai. In many ancient Near-Eastern cultures, it was believed the earth rested on “Chaos Waters”, or a big ocean. I adapted this idea to fit Alemitai—what if it did exist, except, in another dimension? This would allow travel between worlds without the need of space technology. Out of this concept, the Eternal Ocean was born.

In addition, as would be expected, the worlds of Alemitai share a common cosmology, and the people groups share a common ancestry. Though you will see, reading my stories, that much of the knowledge of this common history has been lost, there remain traces and glimpses throughout of deep ties between characters of one world and another, religious beliefs across worlds, and a common enemy to humanity played out through different figures, both human and otherwise.

I began crafting Alemitai unknowingly in 2015, when I started to write a fantasy series called The Shards of Tarn. After completing the first book in this series, which was intended very much to be set in a standalone world. I grew bored, or, perhaps, more intrigued by something else would sound better. That something else was Under the Red, Cold Moon, the first book in a duology, turned trilogy, turned planned . . . books. The long and short of it was that, being in college and short on time, I spent three years writing a book I could have probably written in six months given appropriate amounts of time rather than burnt-out college student amounts of time. Over the course of those three years, I began to see the connections between the worlds and began to write a greater story behind them. That story became Alemitai.