Unsettled Soul

* It was the magistrate’s fondest desire to possess the lands of one farmer, for they were indeed rich and fertile, but, try as he might, whether by offer of money or titles, he could not get the old man to part with his farm. For it was his family heirloom, the prize of his […]

Christmas Update 2021

Hello everyone! With the end of the year fast approaching, I want to wish all of you who read my work a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. I hope you all enjoy any vacation or time off that you have to be with family and friends. As the year ends, I will be posting […]

Content Warning: Unsettled Soul

As an author of fantasy, not all my works are necessarily child friendly, and I also sometimes delve into themes that may be disturbing for members of my audience. In an effort to be sensitive to all my readers, I will occasionally issue content warnings when stories I write deal with topics that may be […]

Dark Beings of Valnara

The Twenty-Fifth of Avûorr, the year 1240 of the Second Epoch My time on Valnara is drawing to a close; however, before I left, I wished to discover more about the dark beings on the planet. I have discovered little, unfortunately, and as my time is short, I fear I will have little chance to […]